Human Foosball

Human Foosball is a human version of the legendary table football. The idea of ​​the game is the same as in table football with a few funny extra twists! Players are attached to rope by harness so that the only possible way to move is laterally. To make it more fun (and less easy) the players are also attached to their team players with flexible ropes. So that when one player is moving, the others have to follow ! Groups can choose from three different kind of sports which are football, giant football (football with gym ball) or floorball or you can choose all three of them! For bigger groups (more than 22 people) we recommend tournament -format. Let`s have some fun and play the game!


Human Foosball can be transferred to many different locations in Finland, ask for more information: info@naturescape.fi

10-22 ppl

For bigger groups we are recommending a tournament

90 min, Game time 60 min

10-22 ppl 400 €
22-44 ppl 700 €

This activity is hold all around the year!
Remember to wear sporty clothes and good sneakers.

Playing field Jimi, Vierumäki Sport institute of Finland.

It might be also possible to come to some other locations, ask for more info!

More info: info@naturescape.fi / +358 45 205 4263