As you might guess from the name Nature Escape game is an escape game in the

nature, in a beautiful Finnish forest. The goal is to solve many different problem-solving

tasks during the game as a team.

The game includes light physical activities and short transmissions between the tasks.

To move ahead in the game you need to use your cleverness and logical understanding

but most important is cooperation with your team. You can take part of the game for

example with your friends or co-workers. With bigger groups it’s possible for teams to

compete against each other and see which team is the fastest one to escape!

Age recommendation 13+. Let's go and enjoy the game!

You are ambitious archeologists  who are trying to find the 8th wonder of the world. You have heard a story about a powerful wooden statue which might give all the power of the nature for you. Your task is to find it before it's too late. It's gametime!

At the moment we have this game only in finnish but it might be possible to arrange it also in english if you are informing us beforehand.

Nature Escape game can be transferred to many different locations in Finland, ask for more information:

2-16 ppl

Note! If you are more than 8 people, you will be divided to 2 seperate games.

90 min (Game time 60 min)

Nature escape game is hold all around the year. We recommend to wear outdoor clothes and good shoes for the forest.

Sport institute of Finland Vierumäki, Heinola

Pajulahti Sports institute, Nastola

Varala Sports institute, Tampere

Vaihmalan Hovi, Lempäälä (Note! Prices are bit higher)


It is also possible to transfer the game to almost any location you wish, ask for more info!

More info: / +358 45 205 4263