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Escape room: GREEN CLUB
One of the leading Finnish companies now a days was still a small starting business 20 years ago. At that time they were selling shares which are now a lot more valuable they used to be. A time machine will take you to the 90’s where you have possibility to get your hands on original certificates while ceo is having a 60 minute break.These papers are worth of millions of euros when you travel back to the present!

Hypätkää aikakapseliin  ja murtautukaa 90-luvun suuryhtiön toimitusjohtajan toimistoon. Etsikää arvopaperit käsiinne, toimitusjohtajan ollessa 60 minuutin tauolla. Palatkaa aikakapselin kautta rikkaina nykyaikaan! 

What is an escape room?

In Inside Escape the group has 60 minutes to solve all the tasks and find the clues in the room all together. 

Just before entering the room the game rules and an exciting story will be told for the group. The story is connected to the theme of the room and will be experienced during the game.

2-6 ppl

Note! Groups over 6 ppl will be divided  to groups so that first one group is playing and the next one after that.

Game time 60 min

Note! If you like it is possible to buy extra 10 min of playing time (10€) before the game time is ending.


 99€ 2-4 ppl

119€ 5-6 ppl


 119€ 2-4 ppl

139€ 5-6 ppl

Escape room is located at Vierumäki, in a building called Vierumäkihalli (Koulutuskeskuksentie 2, 19120 Vierumäki). Make a reservation in advance. Game host is going to meet you at the lobby when the event starts.

Ask for more information: info@naturescape.fi / +358 45 205 4263